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The year is 1940 and the second world war is in full swing in Europe. Iron was transported from Narvik, and the Germans wanted to access this production for their war. Their plan was to take over Narvik, but in a battle against Norway, a whole convoy of German ships was defeated by Norwegians and Allies, a fate of 36 other ships also. Today, Narvik is a paradise for wreckers. Here you can dive on untouched ships. A cemetery of 3 untouched hunters was opened in 1997/98. Here are a lot of warriors, such as uniforms, clothes, shoes, magazines and much more. Narvik Dyk & Äventyr has permission to dive in these places. Narvik Dyk & Adventure is allowed to dive even on other ships in the area. Narvik Dyk & Adventure started in December 1997. Contact us at the following phone number:
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    M/S Stråssa

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    M/S Stråssa sjösattes 1921 i Göteborg. Skeppet är 127 meter långt och 18 meter brett med en besättning på 34 man. Under andravärdskriget transporterade hon järnmalm mellan Narvik och Amerika. Den 6 april 1940 avseglade hon fullastad med järnmalm med destination Baltimore i Amerika. Utanför Lofoten fick hon problem med kylsystemet och blev stillastående i två dagar. En tysk jagare beordrade M/S Stråssa tillbaka till Narvik. Den 11 maj 1940 kl. 11.35 skedde en explosition ombord och hon sjönk till 26 meters djup i Narviks hamn.
    Står på kölen.
    Djup: 14-26 meter
    Mediumdjup: 18-22 meter 
    Längd: 127 meter
    Bredd: 18 meters
    Dykpaket: “Hamnturen”

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